Thursday, March 08, 2012

Here comes the sun

And today I felt positively cheerful. I worked this morning, then went in the bright warm sun to the gym for a long workout. From there I met Dipak in the Marwood for some strong coffee. Dipak reminding me of the virtues of meditation. On the way home I left two copies of Clameur at the library, which were gratefully received. People like free stuff.

Later in the day I listened to a Melyvn Bragg radio discussion about Lyrical Ballads, by Wordsworth and Coleridge. Nothing to write home about, but it did force me to re-read Tintern Abbey. Funny how my tastes have broadened. In my hotheaded youth what I saw as Wordsworth's windbaggery literally made me feel sick. Now I find I really enjoy the pacing of his more reflective work and see unnoticed depths. When I first tried to read Dickens as a child I found it crushingly depressing. Now I think Dickens is a world treasure and full of comedy. Perhaps I should read The Trial, which on my two previous attempts communicated its angst and bewildered frustration so well, that I just couldn't read beyond half way.

A nice evening, I cooked and we chatted nicely after watching the now-obligatory The Big Bang Theory, which we both like a great deal.

Much news about solar flares, apparently the Earth was buffeted by them today, and there was talk about seeing the Northern Lights in the north of Britain. Lorraine and I will have to go in search of these at some point, as Lorraine is fascinated by them. I like them, but I also want to see a tornado (from a safe distance).

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