Monday, March 12, 2012

In conjunction

Up at seven and was editing an paper by the AIDS Alliance about AIDS transmission from mothers to children in Uganda. A sobering read, but the paper was on how to people in remoter areas to work side by side with the health authorities. Men are a problem as they seem less easy to convince that aids is real.

Lorraine also working at home today on the next desk. But noisy when she has to talk to people, as what she was saying was often more compelling that the stuff I was reading. In fairness it was quite well written, but I have noticed that academics generally think that writing in 100 word sentences is a badge of honour. More infernal work being undertaken on the viaduct behind us made me reach for the earplugs.

After the editing was done, I went out into the gorgeous sunshine back to the incredibly tiny local agency, again missing the MD. I left a card.

Heard from Betty who seems to have done something to the cartilage of her knee, and is on crutches.

Lorraine and I went to the gym this evening. Lorraine is trying to start a routine, and I want to support her. I have never seen it busier, and Lorraine, who being Lorraine is already talking to the people who work there, said they had never seen it busier too. I did quite a big workout, and felt good for it. Lorraine did rowing, and cross training and a swim.

Then home via Sainsburys listening to the distant fog horns. The sky was clear near home, after we'd shopped, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the west was plain to see. Thinking of their astrological associations of luck and love.

Home to a quorn and vegetable stir fry and feeling virtuous as we watched an Italian cop show.

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