Monday, March 26, 2012


Clocks forward this weekend so this morning seemed bleakly early. Had to be at Anton's place to babysit Klaudia and Oskar first thing before taking them to school. They were good as gold, watching TV shows, an updated Scooby Doo, which was rather more frightening and a tad less predictable than the original, plus a show called Tracey Beaker that they seemed to like, and an animation called Charlie and Lola which was simple but visually innovative. Oskar earnestly explaining the action and plots to me, the sweetheart.

Once the bairns delivered to school, Klaudia and I not treading on cracks because of bears, and then Klaudia deliberately treading on cracks because of bears, I went back home via Sainsburys.

Motivation-free morning but I gradually picked up speed as the day progressed. My mood far more positive than it has been for several months. Could it be simply to do with the returning sun? Lorraine out late, on a post-work soup supper with colleagues. I ate spaghetti and watched a few Fraziers in between working on poetry in the evening.

Floor littered with jigsaw pieces after Calliope out of devilment pulled Lorraine's jigsaw mat from the table.

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