Friday, March 09, 2012

The reception of dogs

Another good day today. First thing in the morning, I worked fruitfully on the new Pollard & Kenny project for an hour. Then I got down to business, making calls, sending my presentation to a few agencies, emailing certain contacts and even taking the opportunity to introduce myself to two local agencies.

This quite amusing, one contained three people looking startled that anyone should just walk in the door and talk to them about business. The second's website contained touchy feely stuff about dropping in for a cup of tea and a chat, but the reality was a walk across a car park, a door with a buzzer that opened onto a small but not terribly friendly dog barring your way. The canine negotiated, I reached the reception where I was met by a not terribly friendly male receptionist.

In the afternoon I even found myself in The Basketmakers for twenty minutes, popping in for a single beer and to write some lists.

Was called up to do some editing work on Monday for Aids Alliance, which will be interesting.

Early in the evening, Lorraine and I popped into the Shahi for a feed, and to return home to revel on the gold sofa.

Below London Road is crying out for a photo project, as it seems a conduit for everything comfortable society would want to avoid. Today I saw protesters scuffling with police outside an HSBC bank, sadly I only got a shot of the standing around aftermath. Then this maimed but eyecatching display in the PDSA (a pets charity) shop. As I took it a worker in the shop ran out and said 'we'll be charging for that soon'.

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