Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rainy Sunday

Slept like a log, and only got up due to the infernal pestering of the cats. Betty sleeping on the gold sofa. Poor Lorraine very ill today with a winter vomiting bug. Eventually she was able to sip water with ice cubes, then a cup of miso soup.

Raining hard all day. But after seeing the reservoir yesterday I say bring it on.

I met Matt in The Signalman just up the road to collect a consignment of materials to send out the CD and have a catch up about our things. We did our business quickly as I wanted to get back to Lorraine, and Wayne was cooking for Matt. Felt motivated by seeing the maestro though.

Lorraine sleeping or suffering stomach cramps and nausea all day. All watched something called the 'Got to dance' finals, won by people doing that Irish skippety dancing. Found myself curiously absorbed by it. I like dance, and one or two of the street dance crews were exciting. Once this watched, Betty off back to college, and there was nothing to do other than watch footie (Chelsea have sacked their struggling manager following a defeat on Saturday to lowly West Bromwich Albion).

To bed but then up after a while, finding myself stalking about outside full of murderous thoughts at 1 o'clock for the black cat had been battering the cat flap like a devil.

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