Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cats and Battle Axes

Loaded Mum's pictures into the car and drove off to Edgware to see Mum and Mase with my iPod playing on random. Lorraine had the power of veto, however, and quite a few tunes were put to the sword.

By the time we reached Edgware it was a beautiful sunny day. After saying hello, all back into Lorriane's car and we drove out to The Battle Axes just outside Elstree where we were served by a duty manager who was the living embodiment of the pub's name. Four Sunday roasts hit the spot however and we had fun.

Was texted by Jenny at BBC Guernsey, who hadn't received the copy of Clameur I had sent her. Where do they go?

After we went off to Battlers Green Farm which had been converted to contain giftshops, a butchers and an arts and crafts bit where people were busy making silver things. Mum bought Lorraine a brooch there for her forthcoming birthday in April. We had tea there too, in a cafe called The Bull Pen. Enjoyed watching a Japanese couple munch their way through a cake stand's worth of cakes and fancies, in what seemed a very dutiful way and with little evident enjoyment.

Also looking at a large aviary containing a peacock, chickens, and some yellowish birds that sang in a beautifully liquid way.

Home and the business of looking at Mum's paintings and trying to attach values to them. Much groaning and horror at this process. Thank God for Lorraine who was being helpful and sensible as usual. Loaded up with different paintings ready for Mum's Open Houses show, flatcats (see below), and cat heads.

Fond farewells to Mum and Mase before zooming home listening to Kermode and Mayo enjoyably bickering about Films on my podcast.

Below Mum's new invention: Flatcats! They sit above people's door frames.

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