Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Feeling energised and positive this morning. It is the first day of spring, the sun has moved into Aries and all is good. It is the real new year and I am a pagan at heart.

Writing a new poem this morning, but still no definite freelance work on the horizon. The person who offered me a long booking from next month has stopped answering my email or texts, so it goes. I went to the gym. In fact this is the third day in a row that I have been to the gym. It is good, although a bit boring. I am now using it to listen to book review podcasts.

I cooked for Lorraine who arrived home late from a school governors meeting, and then pushed off to meet Anton in the Shakey's Head. A cheery evening generally, although Anton ended it with persistent hiccups. I went home and popped into the The Hydrant for half an hour as there was a free live band playing in there. They were fairly appalling, but fun nevertheless.

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