Symonds Yat

Heroic walking today, much of it in the teeming rain to Symonds Yat. After fruit pancake breakfast, we drove up to the top of Symonds Yat, and just before we got out of the car the heavens opened. Nevertheless we had a walk up to the viewpoint, to look down on the river and the beautiful scene. 

Then we drove down to the riverside, and had a long walk along the river, after pausing in a hotel bar to have a rather nice baguette with salad. Lorraine went to the bar to pay, and the ticket said that she had payed French Dave, which made us laugh. 

A long riverside walk, scrutinising wild flowers in the rain. Among familiar friends found some nettle leaved bellflower.

Lorraine insisting on reaching a wire bridge over the river, which Lorraine forced me to walk to the middle of.  A steady yomp back to the car in soaking Celtic rain. Nice to be back in our wee Owl's Roost. In the evening we slipped downstairs to the restaurant where we had tapas, and I finally had a drink of Brains SA from a bottle. Lorraine had a cocktail, which we discovered later is Beth's favourite, and is called a pornstar, featuring passion fruit and vodka and a little glass of Prosecco to accompany it. 

Happy to head upstairs again for an early night, legs tired after what had turned into a long walk.

Below views on the top of Symonds Yat, and by the river and on the wobbly bridge and a nettle leaved bellflower.