Homeward Bound

A weird feeling as if I had pins and needles in my back in the middle of the night. I woke up and realised that rain was falling onto me through the Velux window.

A call from Natwest Bank this morning, finalising the problem that had started in April. All good now I hope. 

Fond farewells to the Creates bed and breakfast, with a big cooked breakfast this morning. Packing our millions of things, then Lorraine walked off to the long stay car park and drove the car to the short term carpark behind us. While I was waiting an old lady engaged me in quite a lengthy chat asking me if I had liked Monmouth. Also chatted to the owners of Creates, who are friendly. Car packed, we did a last bit of Monmouth shopping, and Lorraine nipped into he sewing shop to buy some bits, and happened happily on some bra extenders.

Homeward bound then. Down the beautiful Wye Valley road, past Tintern Abbey and out to Chepstow and over the Severn Bridge, which is quite long and made Lorraine's stomach go over, and me feel a bit wussy. Then we motored down the M4, and stopped off just outside Basingstoke en route to have a cup of coffee and biscuits with Glenice and Heather, Beth and Sam's Granny and Aunt respectively. They were both following the Olympics lots. Glenice had taught Lorraine lots about gardening, and there was a little rock garden that Lorraine had put together some time ago. On our way home we avoided the M25 which jammed, and instead made our way across country to Brighton. It was a beautiful drive with the countryside looking green and gorgeous.    

Home at tea time, and nice to see Sam and Jade, and Brian and Calliope well pampered. Lorraine called for a curry which I collected. After this eaten, we watched Frasier in the evening, before an early night, looking forward to the delights of our own bed.

Below car views of Tintern Abbey, which we visited last year, and the view from the Severn Bridge.