Sam and Pat's birthday

Sam and Pat's birthday, for which a table had been booked at the Cleveland to celebrate. I wasn't able to go of course, and there was no way I could have eaten a pub lunch, as even a small breakfast had left me with sicky burps. 

After a much needed shower, I popped downstairs to talk to Pat, Maureen, and Ken. Nice to see them, albeit from the other side of the room. I was joined in the singing of happy birthday. Sam and Pat both liked their presents, then they made off for the Cleveland to meet Beth and James and have a slap up feed. 

I repaired back to bed with a cup of tea, and had a nice chat with Mum who showed me Felix who was sitting nearby, and said that she had a long and friendly talk with the evil neighbour's daughter among other news. She was going out in the afternoon too, by car, which had been fixed again. 

After chatting with Mum, I fell asleep again while roaming in the Shire. 

When they all came back, I crept downstairs again, for my back after a day in bed, had mysteriously seized up. Gah. We put on a couple of episodes of Gone Fishing, the one where Bob Mortimer discusses his dad dying when he was seven, and Paul Whitehouse talks about his dad who had recently passed away. The programme ended with Whitehouse saying that he was going to empty his ashes into Welsh river they had been fishing, and the last shot was of the beautiful river, and the sound of a Welsh male voice choir. A bit of a tear jerker. That programme has moments where humour, pathos and natural beauty are perfectly balanced. Pat and Maureen having a quick snooze on the sofa. Pat had enjoyed two pints apparently. Maureen told me she had missed me because she couldn't eat a roast potato and was looking to give it to me. 

Had a good chat with Ken about his photography. He is taking some excellent shots with his camera, particularly like one of wing walking, someone standing on top of a biplane's upper wing. 

Fond farewells with Pat and Maureen. Lovely to see them, and I felt sad I had to stay home. 

Betty texted me saying I was missed today, which was very sweet of her. 

Midway through the the evening, I felt starving, and had a chicken and salad sandwich and several plums. Quite suddenly I was feeling very much better.