Prairie flowers

A peaceful morning, with me slipping off to buy some bread and having bacon and egg sandwiches and teas to start the day. A chat with Mum, organising a visit for this weekend.

The glasses I had lost yesterday, and had pestered Rick around the corner about, as well as the Elizabethan Tandoori, turned up under my own duvet last night. The agency at it again today, saying they now only want Keith and I for next week, with a pencilled second week. I would rather not do any of it till next month, but its money.

Lorraine and I off to Sussex Prairie Gardens, a few miles outside Brighton. I think it was the third time we had been there, once with Janet and Ken. By the time we reached it, the weather had become sunny and gorgeous, and the gardens were a riot of colourful flowers and plenty of butterflies. We ourselves followed the butterflies and drifted happily about pausing to look at a sort of Indian Bazaar, and to consume flapjacks and tea. Lorraine wrongheadedly ordered a savoury flapjack, which turned out to be a good deal nicer than my ordinary one.  

Back home, and then off in a cab to the Bottom's Rest to meet up with Rosie and Innis again, as a late celebration of Innis's birthday. The pub is newly reopened, and is lovely. We ate tapas there, and it was excellent, the place was not crowded and all the windows were open. Just lots of fun chatting till late, and drinking. Maybe it is because I have been out lots lately, but things feel gradually like they are returning to normal, not that I or anyone I know trusts this feeling very much.

A bus home. All good.

Below scenes from Sussex Prairie Gardens.