A spot of shopping and a drink with Jade

Piled in the car and off to Horsham today, to John Lewis to look at a few bits for Jade before she relocates, and also Lorraine and I bought some big bowls as ours were all chipped now, and nobody wants chips with their pasta. Stopped off on the way back in a country pub called The Wheatsheaf near Henfield and had a couple of beers in their beer garden, rather fun to be outside in the sun eating minicheddars and drinking a cold lager.

After we got home I had to drink lots of water as I was dehydrated before the sun and beer. Home and after several pints of water and some supper Lorraine, Jade and I stayed chatting after supper, till Lorraine headed for the gold sofa. Jade and I continued talking, and recommenced the drinking, for hours, talking lots about her move among other stuff, and having a good laugh, until we ending the evening in a disagreement about what Marx's primary concerns were. Funny how the only thing we two left leaning people could find to disagree about is left politics. To bed, with my top hat askew again.