Getting stuck in

Getting stuck in on the new brief with Keith about childhood epilepsy. Otherwise managed to pop out for a cheeky walk, spotting a outbreak of purple common mallow wild flowers in Blakers Park. Squeezed some admin in between the work and, after Keith and I were done, I went for a walk with Sam. We circled up through the woods and back back down Surrenden Road and into Preston Park, where he popped into the chemist. He stopped off at the Park View for a beer and crossword session, I simply came home and I sent some photos of little Monty to Sue and John, wrote to Robin explaining my lack of finger pulling on Planet Poetry, and paid the plumber and sent a speaker to Jade's new address in St. Andrews.  

The Dusty Dolls arrived again today at lunchtime. I opened the door to them. PK: Hello lovlies! Chief DD, a young lady in her twenties: Hello Lovely! I don't know why but I found this quite funny. 

Lorraine at the garage getting the car serviced, and then spent the day with Beth playing computer games. When Lorraine home, I cooked a pasta dish and we watched a bit of mindless TV, while sipping some ginger beer. An alcohol-free day, which is one of the benefits of getting back into the routine.  

Below the humble, but pretty, common mallow.