Getting Better

Fever broke in the night and, feeling like the worst was over, spent the day sipping water and herbal teas and loafing wanly in bed, not hungry but when when Lorraine brought up some crisps that Sam had bought, the salt tasted delicious. I later had some dry toast and herbal teas.

Lorraine now much improved and even went briefly into town to do some shopping for Sam and Pat's birthdays tomorrow. Very and tidy and organised that her dad and her son have the same birthday. Sam being very kind and checking on me when Lorraine wasn't around. I texted Anton hoping he did not have anything -- he said he would see it as an opportunity to lose weight. Mostly though I slept. Being ill is boring. Lorraine taking good care of me. 

Began to listen to the audiobook of Lord of the Rings again, beautifully read by Rob Inglis, because if I fall asleep it doesn't matter because I know it all so well anyway. Something nice about listening to travelling through landscapes of the shire, even if they are haunted by shrieking black riders.