Pat's birthday

Bloody freezing today, a cold northerly wind. It was Pat and Sam's birthdays. A cheery breakfast where Pat got several cards, and Lorraine and I had bought him a construction kit for a Lancaster bomber. Later Lorraine drove Pat and Maureen into town to do a spot of shopping, I remained at home, tidying up and tinkering with some writing. Lorraine got a text from Sam, thanking her for the money used to buy himself some new boots.

In the afternoon Beth came around and Lorraine cooked one of her thali curries, and we had candles and sat up at the table for dinner, and had banana bread.  Beth left in the evening, and we all watched Death in Paradise, from the first ever series, which none of us had seen. Then the absolutely delightful, Gone Fishing with Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse, which has turned into a gem of a programme, funny and touching in turn.