Pat and Maureen arrive

Weird weather again, very cold and raining. More thunder, or more accurately, more of the thunder going lots of places except here.

A little bit of writing today, and also manufactured a new batch of jam, from my hard-won blackberries (I still sport the scratches on the back of my leg) but infuriatingly the jam turned out completely runny. Felt exceedingly peeved, especially as I had been making it.

This amid Lorraine and I getting things sorted prior to the arrival of Pat and Maureen, delivered by Pete who turned around and zoomed back to Ashford again, in good spirits as Charlene has just passed her driving theory test. They arrived carrying a box of blue teacakes professionally baked by a neighbour, and exceptionally good they were too.

They are really happy to have a change of scene. I wish I could give Mum one too. However I spoke to Mum, who had sent a link to a video of her pal Ronnie Findon playing clarinet a few years ago.