Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Working from home

In the no rest for the wicked department, spent the day kicking against the pricks of a particularly thorny brief. My lovely French client Val had told me yesterday the brief was hard, and mon dieu she was right. Broke off to chat to Mum, or do the laundry or go for a brisk walk. But compared to last week's salt mine experience, this feels like a holiday.

Lorraine and Betty went off to London to meet Jade and Sian for an exciting pre-wedding shopping day. Pat and Maureen off by bus to see Janet and Ken. Maureen much impressed with Janet and Ken's new place, and she particularly loved the windows.

Cooked with Maureen, where I learned a lesson not to put too much milk , and hung out with Pat and Maureen watching TV till Lorraine and Beth returned with their booty, including swanky shoes for Beth and a mother of the bridegroom dress for Lorraine. Although Lorraine's fascinator went back with Sian in a box, to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world in August.

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