Saturday, April 01, 2017

Blue sky day

A rather glorious day today, where Lorraine and I decided to have a fun day, and drift about as the mood took us once we'd got up. We walked into town, had coffee, went shopping for a few bits and pieces. I bought a new pencil case. Last of the big spenders. Then we walked down by the seaside and along slowly to Hove. A bazillion people all sunning themselves by the sea.  The beach front a bit of a building site at the moment though, with areas being rebuilt.

Found out that one of my poems will be on the Guernsey buses this year.

Then we walked up to Hove, popped in to see Wayne, and arranged to see him later, then walked down to find Janet and Ken in their new home. I didn't know the address, but we tracked it down fairly easily, having seen a photo of it, and noticing Janet's car parked outside. They had moved in on Friday, and were still adjusting. A lovely downstairs apartment, big and roomy with loads of light today. A quick cuppa, and walked back towards Brighton stopping at the Paris House, where we met Wayne and a friend called Florent, a really interesting young French guy who loves drawing and does illustrations. We sat outside the pub, chatting to various folks and then Wayne's pal Jonathon arrived  who Lorraine and I hadn't seen for some years. He's now into magic. Florent's twin brother Baptiste arrived, who was equally charming and interesting. Beth caught a bus and joined us too, and the one drink turned into several, with Lorraine buying some charcuterie. Inside the pub a jazzy, Hot Club de Paris style ensemble were playing. A really cheerful scene.

Then a cab home, watched a bit of Match of the Day but lost interest as Chelsea had lost. To bed eventually.

Below: the hordes on Brighton Beach, and the weird, bricky amazingness of St Bartholomew's in the sun.

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