Monday, April 03, 2017


Feeling a bit sweaty and achey today. Lorraine coughing and sniffing somewhat. A day of paracetamols again. Back to work with little enthusiasm, but trying to do some of my writing on the train. Reading my children's novel and making tweaks but quite happy. I also had to turn down other freelance work for the week, which is always slightly twitch inspiring. Spent all day waiting to find out what they wanted us to do next. Attended a meeting where this was discussed, which naturally started at 5pm. I simply walked out of this some time after six, as I wasn't going to let muddle stop me from getting home.  Feeling sweaty and grumpy didn't help.

Home at last. Spoke to Mum and arranged to stay with her the next day. Lorraine and I creeping into bed as soon as possible, in all work and no play mode.

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