Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lorraine's Birthday

Up early (thanks to the unwanted attentions of Calliope) and made tea and later brought Lorraine breakfast in bed. She opened cards and a few pressies, and once we were up (not particularly early) we caught the bus down the hill into the North Laine. Had a much needed haircut, then met Lorraine and we looked at watches, and then looked at some more, and then had coffee and had a discussion about whether you could have a group of minus four beetles for a surprisingly long time. Then more shopping, and at some point we bought some sketchers shoes. I have never tried these on before, and it is like walking on air or fleecy pillows. I also picked up a pressie for Oskar, whose birthday it was yesterday. Then we went back to the original shop where we bought a watch for Lorraine's birthday.

Home briefly (I was blinking tired) and snoozed on the sofa, as Chelsea played a cracking FA Cup semifinal with Spurs. Fortunately Spurs were Spursy about it, and happily they lost 4-2.

Lorraine and I caught the bus to Hove, where after some crossed wires and bumping into Anton on the street, we met Betty at the Urchin, which she had booked to celebrate Lorraine's birthday. We were soon joined by Rosie and Innis and then Dawn. A really cheery evening, and nice food. Most of us had peppered squid and moules and frites, which was all very tasty. These denizens of the deep safely despatched, we went off to the Exchange pub, where a spirited man was playing banjo and guitar. Had a bit of a laugh here, and John arrived clutching a bunch of flowers for Lorraine, and then Beth gave Lorraine a cuddly toy, which she claimed to be a black eyed mole, but was actually a badger. However it successfully conveyed the fact that she and Sam had paid for a session with Miss Mole, the florist who did our flowers for our wedding, and Lorraine has a crush on, on Japanese flower arranging techniques.

Discussing with Innis and John and Betty Ancients of Groove, which seems to be an idea I am having for a show.

Dawn drove Lorraine and I home, and I watched the bits of the Chelsea game I had missed, before going to bed after a cheery day.

Below rather late in the evening, Innis watches Rosie dancing, and Lorraine and Anton.

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