Friday, April 28, 2017

A happy ending

Woke up at six thirty at Mum's house, and immediately started work in bed on the  stuff Keith and I were rebriefed on yesterday. A quick porridge breakfast and coffee with Mum, and said hello to a sleepy Mas before I zoomed off to work on the tube, having walked to Stanmore. Got there early. Keith and I slogging to mid-afternoon, and a couple of meetings. Then a quiet canter into the long weekend. 

I snuck out of work early, and managed to train it down to Lewes in good time. On the train I got an email saying my first invoice had been paid by the agency, so I was officially solvent again. A wave of relief. Tried to explain to the woman at the gate that I had a season ticket to Brighton and needed to pay to get to Lewes, but she cut me off and simply opened the gate without charging me.

I walked up the hill to the Lewes Arms, had a pint of Harveys and helped Robin sort out the room. A Telltale and Friends night, with Siegfried and Sarah reading, and Katrina Naomi and Marion Tracey. Although I had to drag myself there, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the fact that all these people (many of them known to me) were prepared to come out just to enjoy listening to carefully chosen words. Siegfried continuing his literary obsession with the US. Marion's work interesting and dreamlike. Sarah on particularly good form, and Katrina's work accessible and moving. The Telltale stand on its last legs, and collapsed explosively during Katrina's reading when she was talking about her dead stepfather, which was clearly poltergeist activity.

Lorraine and I left as soon as we could and zoomed back to Brighton, dumped the car and fed the cats then sauntered down the hill to The Shahi for a late, but highly enjoyable curry. Left the Shahi and jumped into the cab that Betty had got from Brighton Station, after working all week up in London. Home to hear all about her adventures as a featured extra filming for four days a wedding episode, which included her first screen kiss. She was told by several people how good she was.

Unbelievably happy to be at this point in the week, and a long weekend too!

Below Sarah reading. She was utterly excellent today.

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