Thursday, April 27, 2017

Digging holes, filling them in again

Up on my own, as Lorraine on a course in Hove today, so no need to spring from bed. Feeling more cheerful today, and up to London, listening to The Power, and enjoying it.  Also texting Sarah Barnsley about the Telltale Stand, texting Betty who was working near Kew Bridge and had sent me a photo of herself with a Shetland Pony, and Lorraine who kindly agreed to drop off the stand to Sarah's house.

Work fine-ish for most of the day, then the creative director drifted by in the afternoon smelling of beer, and simply moved all the goalposts of the work Keith and I had been doing for much of the last week. Obviously this now has all to be done rather urgently. More digging holes and filling them in again. Absurd stuff. Working a little late as a consequence. Then tubed off to Stanmore, and walked to see Mum and Mas. Spent the evening chatting, and eating spaghetti, although I went to bed early as I was yawning my head off.  Both of them tired too. They have ordered a new bathroom.

Looking at some of Mum's paintings again. I love this one, looking down Saints Road from the Barbarie bus stop on a foggy day.


Richard Fleming said...

Beautiful, atmospheric picture. Leaves me spellbound.

Peter Kenny said...
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