Friday, April 07, 2017

Free at last

Thank God for Friday. Up to the smoke one last time, feeling cramped on the train but working a bit on my collection of eight line poems, which has the working title of 'Everything nobody wanted me to say'.

A gorgeous day again. At work, a morning of faffing around talking to people, till Keith and I were given some work to do urgently which made the afternoon go quickly. I just couldn't wait to escape, feeling weirdly stressed all day, despite the fact it was my last day till after Easter.

Free at last, for a week if not being fully released back into the wild. I got to St Pancras with a few minutes to kill before my train left. Bought myself a can of cold lager at M&S, and went to the platform. Popped open the can, set it beside me and promptly knocked it onto the floor, and watched it gout out around my ankles. I managed to save about a quarter, which I drank from the dented can surrounded by a puddle. Sigh. Onto the train, and then eventually home, and dumped my bag and made off to The Preston Park Tavern, where Lorraine was with Pat and Maureen and Betty and John. Beth phoned me a touch earlier and ordered food for me and a whole cold beer which was waiting for me and undid many harms.

It was Maureen's birthday, and we had a cheery time. After we'd eaten, Beth and John went off to Hove, and the rest of us came home. Pat and Maureen went to bed early, and Lorraine and i watched a little TV, but both fell asleep at around the same time and woke up to find it was one o'clock.

A morning street view of Cartwright Gardens, and the bear in the basement which is beginning to stand for a lot.

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