Thursday, April 13, 2017

A day in the Bridge of Allan

Bridge of Allan then. Up and off to the local Cafe 33, where we met Sam and had a good breakfast, including black pudding. The place was empty at first, but it soon filled up. Very popular place. With lots of signs on the wall with signs such as  Service may vary according to my mood and your attitude and SORRY yesterday was the deadline for all complaints. Lorraine and I committed a faux pas by asking for more coffee when we'd already had our free refill, we were given some stonily, but without   milk.

Back to the Royal Hotel and we stayed downstairs in the almost swanky bar area, I made small progress on work for the French brief, and Lorraine did some sewing and tried in vain to change a password on a phone account. We had light bite, a bowl of soup for me, and then we went outside for a walk. A bit spitty with rain from time to time, but we walked about on the backstreets of the Bridge of Allen, unremarkable, but good to get some air. Then back to the hotel for a large snooze, and woke refreshed and met Sam outside and went to the Allanwater Cafe down the road. Rather busy, but the fish and chips and mushy peas all excellent, this down to advances in chip fryer technology.

Then Sam took us down an ugly little backstreet and we stepped into a wondrous beer Narnia, called the Allanwater Brewhouse,  an incredibly characterful place, serving eight own brew beers. I tasted three of them and they were fantastic. Very cheery night in there, playing cards with Sam in the gorgeous little bar.

Then we walked back to the hotel and had a glass of whisky as a nightcap. I had a ten year old Isle of Jura, being advised by whisky connoisseurs Lorraine and Sam who each had something different, with vastly differing smells.

And so to bed.

Below the Wallace Memorial like a ghost of the past, visible for miles, the circus at the end of the road, inside the glorious beer Narnia of The Allanwater Brewhouse, love the sign over the door as you leave.

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