Sunday, April 09, 2017


A slow start to the day. Eventually we all climbed into the car and drove towards the sea. This hampered somewhat by the marathon that was going on by the seafront. Eventually, after all kinds of complications we arrived at the sea in Hove and sat on a wall and had icecreams and soaked up the sun. John arrived a little later, and splendid boy that he is, he brought us a tins of cold lager.

I'm still feeling wan and out of it, but being by the sea was nice. Touched by how supportive the crowd that spread all along the seafront were to the marathon runners. Must have been exhausting for them in this unusual heat.

Then eventually home again, having caught the sun, despite breaking out my straw hat for the first time of the year. Beth stayed with John, and we trundled home. I spoke to Mum and then we ate a nice supper. Weirdly Lorraine and I got sucked into watching the culmination of the Masters Golf final with Pat till all hours. I quite enjoyed it.

Below some beachside scenes. Tired runners, the big blueness, beach people, and a powered hang-glider flies along the beach.


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