Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Making Mason yelp

Feeling more lively today, and decided to visit Mum and Mas tonight, without risking giving them the lurgy. Into work and finally told what to do (not an actual brief obviously) and simply got on with it, which was a relief.

Off at lunch to buy takeaway sushi, then eventually able to slip away up to see Mum and Mas. Had a turkey steaks and a good chat with Mum and Mas, plus a few glasses of wine. Talked about lots of things, including Gerald, whose funeral Mum had been to recently.

Mason's new hearing aids are brilliant. The television is on quietly, and he can eavesdrop on people when he's out and about, discovering that where he was in the street nobody was speaking English. Best of all, when I put my head into the front room to say goodnight to him after chatting with Mum, he yelped and jumped out of his skin.

To bed and slept like a baby, apart from when a police helicopter hovered over the street for ten minutes or more at one o'clock.

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