Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bluebells and enormous pizza consumption

Lorraine and I working today. Lorraine with loads of school work, and me doing various bits of admin for my business, and writing a press release for Edinburgh. Both feeling a bit grumpy about having to work at the weekend.

However Lorraine and I went off to walk in the bluebell woods we always walk in this time of year, somewhere near Burgess Hill. It has been a very dry couple of months for this time of year, but they were still out in force and the smell was lingering in a lovely way. Spots of rain while we were walking about. We heard a woodpecker knocking on a tree and then I saw it disappear into a hole in another tree. We spent some time peering at this hole to no avail, however.

Home again, and after a bit of a rest, we walked up to see Anton, and hung out with him, Klaudia and Oskar. Had a nice time, and I enjoyed seeing my godbairns as usual.  Oskar showing Lorraine how to do animations on the program he had, so she can do it at school. Nice to chat to Klaudia too, and talk about her golden ticket visit to London which we will do soon.

Anton cooked about seven or eight of his fine pizzas. I seem to lack all restraint when he does this, and Lorraine and I ate pizza till we felt like bursting. Had a few beers too. A cheery night. Klaudia and Oskar using Spotify to torment each other my interrupting each other's song choices. Technology opens up a multiplicity of new ways to get on people's nerves.

Lorraine and I waddled down to the Station and cabbed home. Full as anything.

Below, traditional May pictures of bluebells.

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