Wednesday, April 05, 2017

A bit of a slog

Porridge and toast with Mum and Mas, then I sauntered in the sun to Stanmore, thinking about the meaning of a dream I had had the night before about meeting a powerful goddess. A quick and easy journey into work. Then a bit of stressy slog this hump day with Keith. Rushing out to buy some takeaway sushi again for lunch. We were focused on getting things ready for a presentation we had to make at the end of the day. This went fine, and our stock still good at the end of it.

Home looking at my poems a bit on the train. I seem to have accumulated a collection of two dozen eight line poems, mostly very new. Up the hill from Preston Park station, still listening to Julian Cope music. Home to find a very coldly Lorraine and Beth sitting in their pyjamas on the sofa watching Masterchef. Happy to be home, and watch the tail end of it with them, and be mobbed by Calliope. Lorraine just two days away now from end of term, which is fantastic.

Early to bed again. It is the only way to survive. Rereading the sublime Diary of a Nobody at the moment, a few paragraphs just before I go to bed. I have tried reading it to Lorraine but she falls asleep instantly.

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