Saturday, September 10, 2016

Woofing it

Lorraine and I finding it difficult to get up this morning. The sore throat from hell seemed to be trying to stage yet another comeback. However Lorraine and I had a really nice day. A bit of gardening, mowed the lawn and Lorraine poked in a few plants. We then sprawled about doing little. I slept heavily for an hour this afternoon.

At tea time we walked down to the Joker (in the rain obviously, berghaus lost in Bedford) where we met Anton, Anne, Klaudia and Oskar as a belated celebration of Anton's birthday. Got off to a bit of a sticky start as when we arrived a party of 56 French people had turned up and so every seat was taken. They all left after about half an hour, mercifully so we were able to get seats and baskets of wings. I had the usual woof woofs.

Heard the astonishing tale of Anton's head injury while in Bulgaria with Anne and Klaudia and Oskar. He'd been going down complex slides into the various pools of the resort all day. On the last go, with Klaudia the little boat thing he was on overturned and sent him out head first into the shallow water. Klaudia bravely and cleverly had the presence of mind to pull him up out of the water as he was a bit stunned. Eight stitches and a large medical bill.

However good to see everyone. Had a good shout with Anne about wide ranging subjects (the music was loud). Oskar now mad for football, and styling himself on Ronaldo, including adopting hair products. Both of my godbairns seem to have shot up over the last few months.

Lorraine and I home at a reasonable hour. We watched a bit of football (Manchester United losing against Manchester City, which was fun) watched a bit of Orange is the new black. Yep.

Below Oskar and Klaudia momentarily absorbed in cyberspace.

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