Thursday, September 08, 2016

A dab of green

Up a little later today, being in Edgware and feeling a lot better than I had been feeling at the beginning of the week. Toast and tea with mum and Mas. Mas looking out at the green of the tree in their front garden and telling me that when he had his cataracts and went almost blind, people asked him what he missed seeing most. The girls? No it was the colour green. Mason's story resonated with me as I love green too. Anyway he sits at home, and gets lots of pleasure from seeing the sunlight catching the lime tree outside.

Walked to Stanmore and tubed into town. Apparently a fight on a train further down the line baked things up a bit. I had packed a teeshirt to wear into work today, but I decided it wasn't fit for purpose, so I bought another green shirt from fatface at Euston, as if I had been doing a 'walk of shame.' I changed into it in the shop. Nice bloke there.

A lovely day, and at lunchtime went out and sat outside a pub with Keith, Karam and a few others in the sun. Hot and the first time I had a lunchtime pint for a long time. A slightly trying afternoon, which ended with me presenting the work Keith and I had been doing, which went okay.

Pleased to be home, albeit late. Lorraine even more late so I cooked. Spoke to Janet, who was concerned about Ken, still in hospital. He had phoned her saying that he wanted to come home, not really understanding why he was there or remembering why. Upsetting for her.

Some grub, and then happily watched an episode or two of Orange is the new black before bed.

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