Thursday, September 01, 2016

The centaur canters on

Up early and working on Centaur project writing lines for the end of our particularly thorny act. Throat still an abomination, but got some good stuff done. In the afternoon I bussed down to Helen's and had a good afternoon's work with her. She was pleased with the stuff I'd done this week, which was cool.  There is lots of music now. This opera seems to be a thing. Helen pleased with some building work she has done, and her study area is now splendid, and the piano in the right place.

Heard from Janet this evening. Ken is in hospital again. He'd had a fall in the kitchen and cracked his hip bone, which has necessitated a plate and an operation. Poor thing. However Janet said he was singing in the hospital, so his spirits are pretty good despite everything.

The evening spent watching Bake off and then Orange is the New Black, which is a splendid. Netflix is the answer to dismal viewing.

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