Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Darting into the sun

Although low on energy, I felt positive and got lots of stuff done. A lovely day, I sauntered around the park for bit, before popping in to the local Sainsburys, after a few hours of writing, and wandered into the walled garden. Noticed ruddy darters around the pond. It's good having looked things up in advance. There is a curious satisfaction to being able to think 'ruddy darter' to yourself when you see a dragonflyish thing zooming about.

Worked in the garden today, and sorting out the Telltale reading. In the process of doing so picked up another reading for me to do -- in October 2017! Forward planning.  Also contacted about work and generally having the sense that there's lots going on or about to go on.

Lorraine out doing her governors meeting tonight, Beth out too. I had been due to see Anton but he was unwell, so I guilty bought myself a bag of fish and chips from Jenny's down the road, and watched the movie Watchmen, which was based on a graphic novel by Alan Moore, which I had read on holiday several years ago. Not fantastic, but some of the strength of the book came through.

In the walled garden.

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