Friday, September 23, 2016

Fantastic Friday

An amazing morning's work, suddenly I could see answers to poetic problems I'd not been able to solve for ages, and was full of enthusiasm to get poems sent out. For some reason if the poetry side of things is not going well it tends to increase my dissatisfaction with the world, but after this morning I feel convinced that I am back in the game, and can suddenly see faults and fixes, that had eluded me. Quite bracing really. Not something that is easy to communicate or have obvious immediate outcomes, but generally good.

For the first time this week, the tiredness and sluggishness wasn't so present. Did other more practical stuff too, like some billing and general much needed admin, as well as hiring the Marlborough for a couple of days in December. Having the mental autumn clean. Sonia around too, and a nice chat with her.

Then in the afternoon I walked over to see Janet and Ken, back now from hospital and sleeping on the ground floor. Janet is getting good support, including someone providing night cover so she can sleep. It is a bit disorientating for Ken though, waking up downstairs and not knowing where he is quite.

Walked home and after a while of sorting some last bits out, simply went to the pub, where I availed myself of a pint of lager, while reading a book by the poet Judy Brown, who I met last weekend. A nice way to spend an hour before Lorraine and Betty arrived and we had a bite to eat, and a cheery chat about the week and so on. After this, Lorraine and I sauntered home to watch Orange is the new black before bed.

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