Saturday, September 17, 2016


Up with the sparrows again, and hauled off down to catch a train to Farringdon. Amazingly the train not delayed or cancelled. I walked then to Red Lion Square to the Poetry Book Fair where Telltale has a stand. To say I was not in the mood for this today is something of an understatement.

I did see a few folks I knew, and was pleased to snap up a copy of Noir, Charlotte's book and have a  few chats with her.  Was on the stand with Jess and Sarah from Telltale. Jess's pamphlet was on sale today, and sold like hotcakes.  I also heard a few very good poems read during the course of the day. I'm beginning to wonder if I am wired differently to other people. The things people seem to be lapping up as being profound and moving, I'm finding banal and facile.  It's making me wonder if I'm just not getting it, or am out of touch. Sat next go Jeremy from Frogmore for much of the day. I like him, and it turns out we overlapped at Warwick by a year, him being a couple of years before me.

A reading in a nearby pub afterwards, with lots of good poems and others I secretly Tyrannosaurused. Jess, Sarah and I read too. I was almost staggering with tiredness by now, but I did okay I think, but to be honest I was past caring.  And made for the door as fast as possible.

Walked to Farringdon, then yet another terrible two and an half hour journey home, the worst bit was having finally got a train to Brighton, it suddenly terminated at Gatwick, we all had to get out and cross to another platform to board a Brighton train, was shouted at to hurry by a station person and I invited him to fuck himself in a Tyrannosaurus voice. The train pulled out with me on it, but leaving half the people of the train I'd been on fuming and still on the platform.  To Brighton trying to calm my anger after the sweary incident, and then finally, at long, long last a cab home to Lorraine and Betty dog tired but very thankful.

Below Sarah and me, summoning enthusiasm.

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