Friday, September 30, 2016

A surfeit of Airs

Working on the play this morning. It is progressing slowly but I think surely. Also did some billing. I have some French work lined up too for Monday.

In the afternoon I sauntered down to the Plenty cafe at Preston Park, for a pot of tea and some writing. The cafe seemed to have a surfeit of older blokes with MacBook Airs like myself. I'm not sure how that made me feel. Then I dropped in on see Janet and Ken. Ken looking better than I've seen him for a while. Lots of good chats with Janet as usual, who is a beacon of clarity in a muddled world sometimes. We talk about politics a bit, she is quite keen on the idea of a progressive alliance that Caroline Lucas our admirable MP is trying to promote.

Waled home listening to my audiobook, which is The Authorised Biography of the Beatles, by Hunter Davis. Am enjoying this.

Home to another rejection, I sent out a big tranche of work in the late spring and everything from that batch has been batted back. The stars must have been in some wretched alignment. Although galling, I am not too disheartened (I have already sent lots of new stuff out) but it helps to have the play to look forward to. And I have generally the feeling of a fresh start, and am quite optimistic for no good reason at all.

When Lorraine came home we sauntered quickly down to the Shahi, where Beth was waiting for us outside and had a cheery dinner, friendly chats with Sabir as usual.  Then we marched up the hill, chatting with Betty as Lorraine had a long conversation about with her cousin Kay.

To bed early for a Friday, but not before watching another episode of Orange is the New Black. Only a few more to go, and we can watch something else. That'd be weird.

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