Friday, September 09, 2016

Interlude with a veteran

Greatly uplifted this morning by an old chap from Toronto who sat next to me on the train having got on at Gatwick. He was a former Canadian infantryman, who was 91 and had just got off the plane and was making his way to Aldershot.  Helped him sort out his onward journey. He was so cheerful and articulate that he turned baleful commuters into a friendly group. He was a big reader, and seemed mentally bright as a button. Obviously thought Brexit was a mistake but some bloke sitting opposite us said firmly, 'it'll be all right'. We passed a field of unicorns at that point.  The Canadian, however, had to wait a year and a half after the war ended before he could be shipped home, so got to know England well. He was back to revisit memories of being 20, a taciturn nephew in tow.

This put me in something of a good mood, not even completely dispelled by leaving my Berghaus wet-top on the train, and realising about twenty seconds after the train had left the station. Gah.

The day seemed long. Working on the carabiner job with Keith. Was beginning to be a tad sick of carabiners. Hugely pleased to unclip from the carabiner and eff off home listening to Sapiens on the and playing patience on my laptop. It's okay, but not in my opinion quite as brilliant as people are saying it is.

I met Lorraine and Rosie at the Sussex Yeoman, where I drank a much needed beer, followed by another much needed beer and some food. Later we were joined by Betty, then Innis and his mate Graham who I'd not met but liked. Lots of chatting, enlivened by a puppy which Beth and Rosie drooled over, then a cab home.

A poor photo with my new phone of Rosie and Lorraine.

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