Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rain proof

A poor night's sleep. Got up however with Lorraine and began writing poems, then after talking to Mum and Janet (Ken should be home tomorrow) I walked down to Preston Circus with Beth. She went to her gym and I walked off into town to  buy a new anorak to replace the one I left on the train the other day. I got an identical one to the one I'd lost, and am pleased that I am again rainproof. Not that it was raining at all.

Then wended back to the new cafe next to Betty's gym called Plenty. Treated myself to a coffee and a pain aux raisins  and started work on We Three Kings.

Home and feeling dog tired, but trying not to sleep. I read the essay Black Orpheus by Jean Paul Sartre, and then cooked, as I didn't want a replay of Lorraine returning home in a 'hangry' mood as she had done the previous day aghast that there was no food prepared.

A happy evening, but as we were both really tired. Listening to part of a Kermode and Mayo podcast, before sleeping. Hearing them bickering on the radio is curiously soothing.

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