Monday, September 26, 2016

Loosening up

An exhilarating day. Found I was writing in a completely different style from my normal way of writing, and it felt like a bit of a breakthrough. I was writing about being in a hotel in N'Djamena, and it's a different kind of travel poem, written in a looser more discursive less serious kind of way.

Otherwise a pleasant enough day, interspersed with a few tiresome admin bits. I am determined to be utterly organised by the end of the week. Had a change of scene by going down to  Plenty to think about plays. Feeling full of ideas at the moment which is good. Though not much physical energy though, but still enjoyed mooching through the park. Watched Orange is the new black with Lorraine. There is no other programme.

Brian, below on my easy chair is swept away by his enthusiasm for for my new free way of writing.

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