Sunday, September 18, 2016

Free at last

Yay! My first day off in seven days of various kinds of slogging, and mercifully not having to travel by train anywhere.

Anton swung by in his BMW convertible with the roof down and drove Lorraine and I off to Steyning to collect Dawn. Nice to be cruising around like this, but sitting in the back on the motorway buffeted my head, and worried at 'The area of concern', aka my bald bit.

We went for a short walk in the woods at the bottom of Chanctonbury Ring, which I enjoyed, despite still feeling the after effects of the ghastly throat and cough business  and laboured going uphill. I also have a slightly lurchy ear thing going on, which doesn't help. Among other bits of personal gossip, Anton and I had a long discussion about Tolkien, he's contemplating doing a degree on it.  I recommended he download the The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, and he had just started to listen to it. It is larded with Tolkien references, and is set in Dominica and New York.

Back to Dawn's house to sit in her lovely little garden and drink tea. Dawn's broken arm is now a good deal better, but she overdid it yesterday. I smacked my lips at her and Lorraine at one point, as they were gossiping in the kitchen and trying to connect a speaker to bluetooth while making tea. Dawn said she'd pour it over my head, and then made me sit on a chair to get a better view which promptly sank into the lawn with my weight on it.

Home and then a bit of house stuff for a while, before I simply fell asleep for a blissful hour. Then, getting up, Lorraine and I booked tickets to Guernsey, and went to the Preston Park Tavern with Betty for sunday lunch.

Then Beth and I walked down the hill to the Hare and Hounds, where we met up with Dylan, Kitty and Beth's pal James and discussed the December show which is now booked in at The Marlborough, where Beth and I have done stuff before. I really enjoyed seeing Dylan and Kitty again, having spent so much time with them in the first half of the year. Everyone is up for doing more work, and we discussed the next play, We Three Kings, which I am just about to start writing.

Below Anton and Lorraine in the front of his car. I was in the back with hair like a dandelion clock. Some trees.

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