Sunday, September 25, 2016

Soul soothing

A purposeful day. Lorraine and I tidying up the front garden, and doing several house chores. Then briefly basking in sunlight in the back garden, drinking coffee and speaking to Mum on FaceTime. In the afternoon off to High Beeches. A really  gorgeous Sussex Woodland garden. Amazing how relaxing scooting around this can be, talking to two older ladies, one of whom said "it takes you out of yourself", which was right. Lorraine in her element of course, and we did the whole experience, having a cup of tea and a scone afterwards in its little cafe, and buying the home-made jam on sale, with the money going to Hope for Heroes.

Having walked about a garden, and enjoying nothing better than having tea with Lorraine it occurred to me that I must be getting old, because the whole thing made me feel content. A bit of beauty goes a long way towards soothing the soul.

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