Friday, February 19, 2016

Vistas of sunlight and cloud shadows.

Up and another tasty breakfast. Sun streaming through the windows first off. Enjoying the antler coat racks here and there in the pub's restaurant area. Then after packing, Lorraine having a strategic snooze, and dealign with a bit of work stuff we drove up to Harting Down where we had some magnificent views down to South Harting, and also of rainclouds drifting along to the north of us. A gorgeous moving vista of sunlight and cloud shadows that no photo can do justice to, especially when I forgot my camera and used my iPhone instead.

For some reason my walking boots, which were top of the range exemplary boots I have used for about eight years, decided to fall apart after getting wet yesterday. The soles were by now flip-flopping along, and I was getting a bit twitchy as is my wont on the side of big bald hills, we had a lovely walk. Skylarks particularly at song and we saw a pair of them either competing in song or about some kind of mating business. Gorgeous liquid trilling and Lorraine and I stood spellbound listening to a skylark climbing up into the sky singing higher and higher. Gorgeous.

We climbed back into the car just in time for the rains to start their business, and drove back home. Sonia here, suggesting a solution to our books problem: thrown them away after you've read them. Beth at home and she and I were driven to Brighton station by Lorraine and we travelled up to Kingston, taking the opportunity to discuss the project generally, to see three more actors. Beth had sorted out a new Quaker meeting house venue. And we tapped in a passcode, and the doors opened automatically and the lights came on. Nobody there but us, but a beautiful new building with a lovely calm atmosphere. I like Quakers.

Arriving early, we popped back out for a pint and a bag of peanuts, then did the auditions before training back home again. Really good to see some boys audition this time, and the bit of dialogue coming alive. Beth and I in a happier place about everything afterwards. Arrived at home at around ten after Beth and I bought pasties at Clappers. Good to be back home with Lorraine.

Below views from Harting Down, looking north down to South Harting, and the view on our road through the wet windscreen.

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