Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Selecting actors

I was able to spend most of the day thinking about and writing the play, which is a real luxury, not to mention a necessity as the thing is being staged in 12 weeks. Beth and I made off to Neighbourhood this evening and did a couple of auditions, and we now have chosen our two actors. We saw Kitty for the second time -- both Beth and I liked her when we saw her the other week, and she comes across as a live wire, with natural comedy talent. Finding the right male actor was difficult, but we have selected a lovely young actor called Dylan, who Beth already knew but auditioned really well. Who has a warmth and natural likability.

Beth and I had a conversation about it alone, before letting Dylan know. Kitty had already gone, but Beth called her. Both of them really happy to be involved, which is excellent. Dylan had a quick beer with us, and Beth and I stayed there to consume had a cheap Tuesday night burger and another beer to celebrate. Although Beth slightly 'bum-clenchy' (her words) as she bumped into two old school friends she'd not seen since she was 11. Home to find Lorraine, happily on the sofa.

The room downstairs at Neighbourhood we did the auditions in. And a rare selfie.

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