Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rendez-vous in a moody basement

Woke up feeling hot and weird in the night but went back to sleep. Once up, and finding myself in between bits of work,  I strolled into town. Lovely warm morning, dropped off a prescription at the quack's office, where the nice nurse called Lorraine told me I was looking well, and chatted about Chad, as we'd had a good laugh about my various neuroses about it before I'd gone there.

Off to buy some files, then started to feel a bit rough. Home and slept heavily, then up and paracetamoled and met Betty on St James street where we auditioned some actors. Getting to read part of the script, and do some improvising with Beth. Interesting to meet them, sitting in the moody basement of a place called Neighbourhood. We found at least one cracking actor who was fully prepared, really energetic and on it. But a few were no shows. I can't understand people simply not turning up. Sometimes people don't have the gumption to take an opportunity that's under their nose. I'm sure that's me too sometimes.

From there I took a bus to the Station, and then, having just missed a train, a slow journey up to Mum and Mason's arriving rather worn out at Mill Hill, a bus and a walk from there taking the chance to speak to Lorraine. Noticeably colder in Edgware than in Brighton. Tired chats with Mum and Mas before pushing off to bed, with a hot water bottle that mum gave me.

Below this bull's head loomed rather dramatically over us as Beth and I met the actors.

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