Saturday, February 20, 2016

A day with Sophie and Andros

After another plumber had come to look at our bathroom, Lorraine and Beth off to Eastbourne to see Sarah's production of Beauty and the Beast. 

I bussed into town and met Sophie and Andros by the seafront. We walked to the Marwood Cafe for a long chat. Both cheerful despite Andros having a bad heart attack on the side of Mt Athos in Greece last year, and having spent weeks in a Greek hospital. Christof was with him at the time and had to deal with the emergency (which he did brilliantly) and led to Andros being dramatically winched up from the side of the mountain and airlifted to hospital. He made me laugh lots when we were discussing Brighton hen parties, and how the next morning they return to London like jaded boilers. Sophie, despite all the colossal amounts of stress over the past few months, pretty good too. Andros has moments when he can't breath as his heart is not working very well, but they pass. He is facing his obstacles with courage and humour, and is just getting on with life. Apparently his health is steadily improving and his breathlessness abating. Couldn't help but be concerned for him and Sophie though.

I went home for the afternoon, collected Lorraine from Brighton station and we met up again at the Sahara restaurant, where we saw Huss daughter again who is working there.  A nice meal with excellent hospitality, and long and pleasant chat. Andros and Sophie off in a cab, and Lorraine and I caught the trusty 5B back to the top of Beaky Villas, and were home.

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