Monday, February 22, 2016

A happy Monday

Lorraine up at six again, and brought up some tea and porridge which we ate together in the bedroom. I got up and soon heard Dawn, who had let herself in in the middle of the night, as her plane back from Rome was delayed. She then left for work, and we arranged to meet up at school on Friday as Dawn and I are going to do another more able children session.

Nothing through from the agency, which was fab. I was able instead to work on the play and tweak some poems plus a few other admin bits. Felt more relaxed and cheerful this Monday than I have done for several months of Mondays.

I worked happily all day, apart from a walk down to the pier to get a breath of air. Bumped into Di briefly who told me off about not selecting an Adrian photo yet. A grey day, and nothing much happening down at the pier, but I felt free and happy nevertheless. Listening to an audiobook Joni Mitchell in her own Words, which is interesting. I've always thought Joni was the bee's knees and her lyrics are fabulous. Spoke to Janet today too, and have arranged to see her and Ken later this week.

Another plumber called around to give us an estimate. Then I cooked a curry for Lorraine, and we had a docile night.

Below detail of the pier in winter.

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