Sunday, February 07, 2016

Read-throughs and apple pies

Lorraine and I off to Sheffield Park today for a stroll about. First we stopped by Trading Boundaries and almost bought a single curtain, but when we found it cost £160 we declined. Off then to  Sheffield Park and a nice interlude in the fresh air and a chance to walk and talk. A few early daffs, and snowdrops out, and one or two camillas. But mostly as the rain started, a reassuring English grey.

In the afternoon home again, and Beth and I had a first script read-through the first early draft of A Glass of Nothing, and extracted a section for use in the auditions we are starting this week. Good feeling to get going on it -- and Beth pleased at where we're heading.

A chat with Mum this evening, then I cooked a chicken and roast veggies, while Lorraine did Headteacher stuff on our new table. A reassuringly expensive free range blighter bought round the corner. Tasted good though. Remembered eating chicken out in Oum Hadjer, where the chicken, which we heard being slaughtered earlier, was so tough that you'd pull fibres of it from between your teeth afterwards.

Beth's pal Laura around, and they brought back apple pie from the shop, as I had been fantasising about apple pie and custard earlier. Delicious. Apple pie one of the gold standard puddings in my world.

Below: English greys at Sheffield Park.

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