Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Folly in the Fresh Air

A morning feeling hassled and tidying up bits of work and chatting with Matty about work stuff and getting ready for L & my mini-break. Loaded up the car, and gnawed baguette bits with ham and salad that Beth had made for us and drove off to South Harting in the West Sussex. Lovely little village nestled in the middle of the South Downs National Park, which is officially an area of outstanding natural beauty.

We stopped before we got to the village getting uncomfortably changed in the car, and then went for a walk on Harting Down in the mizzle. The Vandalian Tower, an 18th Century Folly looking particularly mysterious rain-blurred sky. Also got a message from Carl saying his brother Rory has lung cancer, which brought a bit of a sad note to things. The thing about mobile phones is that you can never get away from it all, because you take it all with you in your pocket.

Then rather dripping, we changed again and then drove down to The White Hart, where we were given a lovely little room, with wooden floors and nicely done out in a subtle colours. Then after a snooze and a freshen up, off to the bar where we had a couple of pints of beer near a log fire and then had a good meal, and a few more pints of the local ales. I tried all three of the Upham Brewery beers which are called Tipster, Punter and Stakes, which were horse themed beers, what with this area not being too far from Newmarket where horse racing is done.  Tipster, the weakest one is the nicest to my palate.

Then, after good food, fresh air and some nice beer. Off to bed, mood already greatly improved.

Below a bit of a wet walk, with the Vandalian Tower looking mysterious in the background. Lorraine dripping.

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