Saturday, February 06, 2016

Domestic loafing

An entirely relaxed day today. Lorraine and I spending much of the day in house proud discussions. Spending quite a long time finding the exact coordinates for our new table. And later discovering the tablecloth we bought in Greece last Summer fits our colour scheme perfectly. I don't understand quite what is happening to me, as I found it disproportionately satisfying.

L and I in a brutal triage off objects we own. Some of them are going to Lorraine's school, some being given to Beth for a car boot sale she is planning. I am not very good at letting go of stuff. I have the soul of a hoarder. Lorraine is the same. We had plans to go out tonight, but instead I simply fell asleep on the sofa, and we instead spent a cozy night indoors. Domesticity distilled.

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