Thursday, February 25, 2016

Drunken muppets

Another fruitful writing day, and also tweaking the script a bit with Beth. Gingerly off to the gym for another a small sesh. Am getting back into it very gingerly, and am feeling very unfit.

A man came this afternoon to assess the damage caused by our flood. Went round the house talking into his phone, and said that of course the insurance doesn't actually cover the thing that leaked only the damage caused by the thing that leaked. A nice chap, but I have a deep distrust of the insurance business, and tend not to bother with it, figuring that when something does happen, it will never repay the amount of money you pump into the insurance in the first place.

Didn't see much of my wife today, who had a lively day in school with one of the children taken off in an ambulance (but was okay later). All grist to the mill for a head teacher I suppose.

In the evening went down to The Joker to meet Anton and consume copious amounts of woof woof wings and a surprising amount of beer. After discussing various subjects (Anton hard at it this week in the property and legal negotiations), we ended up drifting upstairs where some young bands were playing in a venue called Devil's Disco. A very young crowd, and Anton and I standing at the back feeling a bit like Statler and Waldorf of muppet fame. Musically not much to write home about, but nevertheless fun. The last band, who I think were called Cavaliers, sounded a teeny bit like Foals who are I think are still fairly trendy at the moment.

After fond farewells with Anton I and disgraced myself by eating a good deal of an apple strudel that had been left by Lorraine and Rosie, who'd called around this evening. Lorraine told me that I had had a lot of beers, and in fairness I had to agree with her.

Below the Cavaliers about their mild-mannered business.

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