Wednesday, February 10, 2016

An interlude of light

Working for the agency again, including the obligatory urgent work after you've packed up for the day. But had a little time off this afternoon and was able to speak to Mum, who had thought today was Thursday and gone into central London for her dental appointment only to find she was a day early. Went for an extra-long circular walk just after lunch, listing to various improving podcasts, buying a few vegetables. I would be more worried about my life shrinking into these little circles, but I know I will have the opportunity to stretch out again.

Half the joy of owning a dog must be in walking it. I see other people walking in circles, but some of them are attached to lead. I thought of Richard who had until recently had walked Rufus and Holly. Walking as a solitary human must be strange if you're used to being part of a pack. Lorraine looking forward to half-term next week to regroup from the onslaught. I cooked her chicken noodles.

Below two interludes of light. One outbreak of brightness looking downhill over Blakers Park, the other further inland looking out at a bright strip in the sea.

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